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Each year CHS Adventure Camp solicits sponsorships from local businesses, service clubs and individuals to sponsor children at camp
that may not have the financial resources to attend. Children come from all different areas of the Atlantic Provinces, French and English.

We want to give as many children as possible who are suffering with a bleeding disorder the opportunity to go to summer camp!
The cost to send one child to camp for a week is $500.00. The CHS New Brunswick Chapter and other fundraisings have helped us keep the charge to each camper free. We have had to do this because of the economy and even if it was a reduced cost for some families that would even be to much. That is why your donation is so important!

Donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted all year long. We are a Not For profit organization. This means that Every dollar you donate to the CHS Adventure Camp goes directly to the camp project, peroid...

Charitable receipts will be issued for tax purposes.

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Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered at so many bleeding disorder camps throughout the country are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come to camp from all walks of life, eager to learn, yearning to make new friends, ready to take on new challenges and discover gifts they didn't know they had.

Camp celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance. It holds a mirror up so children can see, no matter what their color, gender or bleeding disorder circumstances, that who they are is beautiful inside and out.

Camp gets kids out in nature. Unplugged from the computer, the videogames, the cell phone, they gain an appreciation for the natural environment and discover the wisdom and fun it has to offer.