Camp FAQ's

  1. Q: What should my child bring with them to camp?
    A: Please click on the following PDF document - What to bring to camp 2018! and it will give you a list of items to bring to camp and what NOT to bring to camp.

  2. Q: At what age does your program start?
    A: Children ages 6 to 18 will fit right in. Our site is challenging for anyone younger than this to get around.

  3. Q: Does my child have to bring a buddy?
    A: Children ages 6 or any one new to our camp has to bring a buddy. This is mandatory. After attending the first year it is up to the child if they wish to bring anyone the following year.

  4. Q: Are there flush toilets and electricity at camp?
    A: Yes.

  5. Q: What is the cost for a week?
    A: A child without a bleeding disorder is $350 including tax. CHS NB covers all the costs of operating Camp for any child with a documented bleeding disorder. We only ask for a $100 registration fee from parents of a buddy coming to camp with a bleeding disorder child.

  6. Q: What time will my child go to bed at camp and what time will he / she get up?
    A: Because camp is full of fun and exciting activities it is most important that campers get plenty of rest while they are at camp. Lights Out for campers ranges from 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. depending on the age of the cabin group. Campers wake up in the morning at 8:00 a.m. Campers also have a rest period every afternoon.

  7. Q: Can we see the Camp beforehand?
    A: Yes, Please contact Camp Tulakadik before camp. CHS Staff will be onsite early Sunday morning July 8th.

  8. Q: What type of food do they serve at camp and how is it served?
    A: Campers and staff are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is a snack in the afternoon and at the end of the evening activity and a snack provided during anything educational. The meals are served buffet style and cabin groups usually sit together in the dining hall. The CHS NB Adventure Camp has partnered with the camp at Camp Tulakadik to design healthy and filling meals. For breakfast a camper might have eggs, blueberry pancakes, waffles, muffins, cereal, yogurt or fruit. The lunch and dinner menus include chicken fingers, spaghetti, quesadillas, chicken, lasagna, and of course a variety of fruits and vegetables. Grilled cheese and a few alternatives are always available during lunch and dinner meals. There are also vegetarian and halal meals offered at camp.

  9. Q: What medical staff does CHS NB Adventure Camp have?
    A: The medical team of CHS NB Adventure Camp consists of 2 Bleeding Disorder Clinic Nurses and a nurse from the ER department. This unique team of medical professionals has a history with our campers from seeing them in the clinic and the home setting.

  10. Q: How are campers given factor?
    A: A child who has a bleed at camp will go to the Medical Room accompanied by a counselor. There are nurses available at all times. Nurses have pagers and radios incase it is later in the night.

  11. Q: What happens if my child has a bleed at camp?
    A: A child who has a bleed at camp will go to the Medical Room accompanied by a counsellor. There are nurses available at all times. Nurses have pagers and radios incase it is later in the night.

  12. Q: What happens if my child loses something at camp?
    A: With the large number of young people at camp it is most important to put a camper's name on all of his or her belongings. A lost and found box is located at the front of the dining hall and campers are strongly encouraged to look through the box for missing items. Found items (with the exception of socks, towels and underwear) that are not claimed at camp are brought back to the home of our vice president to be held for pickup.

  13. Q: What if my child has his/her birthday while at camp?
    A: Please let us know so that we can make that day extra special for them. We can provide a birthday cake if we know ahead of time.

  14. Q: Does my child need to bring a sleeping bag?
    A: Yes. and a pillow

  15. Q: Is Camp peanut-free?
    A: Yes.

  16. Q.How do I contact my child at camp?
    A: The following is the camp address:

    CHS NB Adventure Camp
    c/o Camp Tulakadik
    131 Sederquest Road
    Cassidy Lake, NB  E0G 2N0

    One of the strategies to prevent homesickness is that campers not speak to their parents over the phone during the week. If you need to contact your child please leave a message and we can work out arrangements based on the situation. If for some reason you are having difficulty getting through to camp, contact the Camp Tulakadik Office at 506-839-2964. We will be checking in with the office daily.

    Letters at camp are ALWAYS welcome! It takes a couple of days for mail to get to camp so PLEASE send letters early if you choose to mail them. You can also hand them to the camp staff at registration time or email the email before 10pm each night. These letters/emails are given to the children either at breakfast or lunch time the following day. Please put your child's name on the letter or email and we sincerly ask that the letters not contain anything that would upset the child from being away from home. Especially for any children who are new to camp. Also, PLEASE do not send any food or any of the items on the Not to Bring to Camp list.